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Civil Servant Loans – Special Conditions For Special Customers?

Civil servants and civil servants are considered a special group of people who enjoy a special status, especially at banks – in the form of so-called civil servant loans. But what exactly are loans to civil servants and how do they differ from conventional credit offers for the “normal consumer”?

If there is one obvious fact in the credit market, it is probably that there are groups of customers who are not too highly regarded by banks and credit institutions. These often include above all low earners and the unemployed. Continue Reading

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Too High A Rate For The Loan? How To Adjust The Loan Rate

A happy moment: the bank has approved the required loan and it is now ready for use. The instalments are paid on time and everything is fine. But all of a sudden the monthly instalment to repay the loan – for example for health reasons – can no longer be paid in the agreed amount. So what to do?

Anyone taking out a loan enters into an obligation to repay the loan granted by means of monthly instalments plus interest at the latest when the corresponding loan agreement is signed. As long as the borrower fulfils this obligation, everything is fine and there are no problems with the bank granting the loan. And yet it can happen that the loan taken out becomes an unexpectedly high financial burden. This happens exactly at that moment when the borrower realises that the chosen loan instalment can no longer be serviced. So what can be done? Continue Reading

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