Cloakroom storage lockers – 250 x 300 x 400 

Perfect for storing coats, sweatshirts, day bags, handbags, cameras etc

Book a Cloakroom locker and you get a wristband that allows you access to the locker area.

Set your own PIN code on your locker and then come and go as often as you like.

£10.00 Per day

Personal item storage lockers – 100 x 200 x 150

These tiny lockers are perfect if you just want to store phones, ID, wallets, car keys etc.

Book a personal item locker and your items are locked away for you. You get a wrist band and are free to retrieve your items as often as you like .

£7.00 per day

Bag Drop

 Larger items can be left at our bagdrop. You are issued a wristband and we look after your bag for the duration of your stay. Only available on the day.

Phone Charging

Phone charging services are also available in the locker area with prices starting from £6.00. 

Lockers are available for purchase here -